Marcos Hiroshi

Nomad Magician

The Show

The most unique and intimate magic experience. An inspiring session filled with true stories & magical masterpieces.  

magician Marcos Hiroshi autun tree
Marcos Hiroshi close up show at Barcelona

Get Closer, Book a Private Show

Bring the next show to your lovely home. On tour around the world the last 4 years in a row. 

Add unforgettable moments to your events

Sometimes at school, many others at the local bar. High up in the mountain on snowing nights and also on the dunes of Sahara Desert. There are no limits to our magic show and we can perform it everywhere.

Marcos Hiroshi close up show at Albania


the magician

A mixture of japanese & italian, sweet & salt, traditional & modern, magical & funny. A little bit of everything.


Social Engagement
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I dedicated most of my life studying and performing arts. Magic is much more than tricks, it’s a way of life. It changed my destiny, shaped my existence and filled up my heart. Now is the time to share with you a glimpse of my magical world and life.


We’ll workout together in a way to bring the magic to your place. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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